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Keesha’s parents

Hello how r u? I wanted to a HUGE thank you for the motivation and inspiration and the change you've made in Keesha I couldn't believe how confident she has become and she speaks with such confidence and boldness that's due to u for making the difference in her life and bringing her out of her shell, u r a great leader ur passion and energy is awesome continue doing that and u will create great future leaders as the school motto is. Thank you all credit due to you I was really worried about her she never spoke much about school was always reserved and withdrawn then along came Tasneem who had the ability to bring out the best in kids, u changed her within a space of a few months, it was like a different her, the concert she was so active and at the Acrobranch I couldn't believe it, it goes to show what u put into a child's mind matters, you are a great leader and Asima u guys make a great team, our prayers r with h guys it's not easy to keep everyone happy but u guys r doing a great job

Ashlen’s parents
Ashlen's parents

Aasima is a great leader who encourages every child to be unique and develop within themselves through her love care and guidance, I experienced that with my son Ashlen whose been there since 2013, Aasima gave him a chance to grow and she never gave up on him she always encouraged us to remain positive and encourage him, her leadership qualities are also evident within the team

Rayhan Dadabhay & Julie
Rayhan Dadabhay & Julie

TESTIMONY OF YOUR WORTH Words cannot express my heartfelt gratitude for everything you've done and strive to do in the path of education for every learner at your institute. It's extremely challenging defining your true worth in this written piece- your kindness yet steadfastness, warmth yet firm enthusiasm has seen Itutor come to fruition. The Almighty will surely bless you abundantly with educators who strive towards excellence, commitment and honesty so that they can impart and generate the same positivity and produce learners who are competent in every subject area. You are the captain of this ship and surely you will lead your team to success. Your unwavering determination will certainly see your institute grow from strength to strength.Insha-Allah