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Who We Are

Itutor College is a vanguard school in 21st century education.

We are compliant with CAPS curriculum, however our curriculum developers have moved towards learning in a “real” and “complete” way:

  • Interpretive Learning: Children are  taught to reason and interpret information through problem solving techniques, role playing and  rule based learning
  •   Field experience: Learning is made kinaesthetic, tangible,   interactive and social through thematic field trips and onsite   demonstrations by specialist practitioners
  • Project based: Learning occurs in a project based environment to   develop role definition , responsibility, planning, systems   implementation and outcomes orientation –essential leadership skills
  • Personalized Teaching: Flexibility to accommodate different learning   styles so children may explore to expand their boundaries: auditory   learners are tested orally, kinaesthetic learners are encouraged to   move as they learn
  • Holistic learning: Meditative techniques
  • Reading as gateway: Effective implementation of methodologies and reading applications for accelerated and self driven reading
  • Living language:  Children who are confident in expressing themselves meaningfully through multiple modes of expression


Why Choose Us?

Individualized learning

At iTutor, we believe in learning that is tailored to each child’s unique needs and capabilites.

Our student teacher ratio is one teacher to a maximum of 15 learners. Grade 000-R includes both a teacher and assistant in a class of 15, thus ascertaining that every child gets the full and necessary attention that he/she requires.

Free Environment

We teach in both formal and informal ways, so that students can adapt to a free-learning environment. This is to initiate the self discovery, learning through inquiry, innate direction, and learning in a content/holistic way.

Compete with self

In our community we encourage learners to compete with self, rather than other and build their future on the solid foundation of their own thoughts, creativity, talent and communication.

Core Values

We, at iTutor create a community of teachers, parents, friends and society around students for instilling core values; developing life skills and ensuring complete wellness (body, mind and soul) of the student.

  • Empathy for all living things: “I’m OK, are you OK”
  • Integrity: Be true even when no-one is looking
  • Reciprocity: treat others as you would like to be treated
  • Tolerance: we are different and it’s OK
  • Collaboration: alone we are smart, together we are brilliant

Practical learning

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Homework-free zone

At Itutor all work is administered, understood and complete in the classroom. Home time is regarded as “free time”, where a learner is allowed to apply what he/she has been taught for the day.

Parents may assist where specific learners require the added revision. All necessary content will be covered at school, and there will be a facility of an added 45 min homework assistance per day, as part  of the service provided by the school, for learners who work at a somewhat “slower” pace.

The Itutor Advantage

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Our infrastructure

  • – swimming (Swimkids Roshnee Islamic School)
  •  –  school grounds for athletics (Roshnees Primary )
  • – action cricket/action soccer (Roshnee Sports Association)
  • – outdoor classes and activities – Dadaville Park
  • – activity room ( Speech and Drama, computers, art)
  • – modular playground
  • – reading Room

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be an incubator for the holistic development of a child into emotionally intelligent, empathetic leaders who are technologically savvy, eco-aware and spiritually grounded

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a school that has children at the heart of all that it does.
A school that is committed to helping individuals learn and develop, within a nurturing environment where all are respected and valued.

Aims and Objectives

  • Children will be reading by the age of 6.
  • Every child will find his/her forte and will be proficient in either languages/ math/science/engineering/technology or other fields of expertise.
  • Every child will know, understand and demonstrate the core values of Perseverance, Resilience, Respect, Acceptance, Friendship, Independence, Selflessness, Empathy and Compassion.

Parent’s Testimonials

Keesha’s parents

Hello how r u? I wanted to a HUGE thank you for the motivation and inspiration and the change you've made in Keesha I couldn't believe how confident she has become and she speaks with such confidence and boldness that's due to u for making the difference in her life and bringing her out of her shell, u r a great leader ur passion and energy is awesome continue doing that and u will create great future leaders as the school motto is. Thank you all credit due to you I was really worried about her she never spoke much about school was always reserved and withdrawn then along came Tasneem who had the ability to bring out the best in kids, u changed her within a space of a few months, it was like a different her, the concert she was so active and at the Acrobranch I couldn't believe it, it goes to show what u put into a child's mind matters, you are a great leader and Asima u guys make a great team, our prayers r with h guys it's not easy to keep everyone happy but u guys r doing a great job

Ashlen’s parents
Ashlen's parents

Aasima is a great leader who encourages every child to be unique and develop within themselves through her love care and guidance, I experienced that with my son Ashlen whose been there since 2013, Aasima gave him a chance to grow and she never gave up on him she always encouraged us to remain positive and encourage him, her leadership qualities are also evident within the team

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